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    lol i liked ur presentation very well done ... 10/10!

    but aside from that i think that team Gai might jump in to save Tsunade , i dont belive the sand village will interfere at all and Sasuke will not go to konoha because of his failure to capture the 8-tails which i believe was intentional so now i believe kisame will go out and attempt to capture it.

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    Nice Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aragor View Post
    All these Pics are from a few chapters ago but they are still at the same area so it doesn't matter

    While Pein is attacking Konoha, what are the others doing ? There are too many enemies and allies being prepared for a fight and Naruto is still training. There will be another period of fights right after Pein died or left.

    At first lets see...

    ... Oh whats that ? All three major enemies of Sasuke still didn't fight huh ? And what is Sasuke doing ?

    Haka should be healed already and i bet they are going stright to Konoha. Also these three guys are heading to Konoha and Naruto ( after his powerup training) too.

    A lot of enemies left. What about our allies ?

    What is Yamato doing ?
    Gai and his crew are still on the way.
    Sakura didn't fight.
    Shikamaru what is he doing ?
    Isn't Gaara helping ?
    and at least Naruto Vs Sasuke ?
    1st I love those pics did you do them yourself?

    Ok on to the questions..

    - Yamato is ANBU so he may be working with an ANBU Squad

    - Sakura is ninja medic she is saving / healing ppl

    - Shikamaru is working on the code trying to make sense of it and form a startegy.

    - Gaara is in the sand village and doesnt know whats going on in Konoha atm

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    That's cool
    Nice pics

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    Okay, so the pics are out of Japflaps Naruto scanlations, we do them in HQ
    and Dakrog, one of our cleaners designed over 100 chibi-naruto-characters already.

    Just fyi, you'll be able to download them all in a few weeks, when the new japflap site is finished.
    The pics that were posted come from the situation map that's included at the end of
    each Japflap chapter since 423 or smth. 426, 427 and 428 will be released this week,
    with the newest situation maps included, so make sure to check them out,

    Only HQ chapters there...

    /end of advertisement

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    Awesome pictures, whoever did them.
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