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    Being inspired by something and getting ideas is not ripping it off. By that definition even Akira Toriyama is a rip-off, after all he used several elements of the classic Journey to the West. So no Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and etc. are not rip-offs. If you want to consider something as a rip-off for using the idea the first time then about 99.999% of things are rip-offs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dijiko View Post
    Argument older than the internet. This gifs are usually used by people to show how unoriginal or how how much naruto is ripping off anime. I usually see these along with facepalms and flames of how much naruto sucks. Well guess what? There is a little word in the dictionary called homage. The naruto studio used these to pay homagge to people. I read somewhere that the creator of cowboy bebop and kishi were best friends back in the day. Wouldn't it make sense to do this then? Of course naruto shares similarities with other anime. All anime do.
    Your basing this "homage" claim off of nothing. Unless you have proof then don't present your claim. If they were doing a homage they wouldn't express it in mediocre fight scenes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K-oz View Post
    lol dude Kishimoto admitted he had many many many anime/manga influences.
    so Naruto has many many many similarties to other anime/manga.

    But then again i can find similarities in almost every other show. The only one i respect for being original to the core is One Piece. thats one heck of a mof***ing original show!

    But yeah if u REALLY wanna have a look at the thing that naruto seeme dto have copied the most, then let me introduce u to a little aweosme anime/manga named


    if u've never heard of it go read it NOW or watch it. It's sweet and u'll be surprised at how friggin huge the similarities with Naruto are. (note HxH came out years before Naruto)

    Gon = Naruto
    Killua/Kurapika = Sasuke
    Hisoka = Orochimaru

    heck even the Rasengan and Chidori make an appearance in HxH lol of course under different names.
    Ah,that's right.I heard that the seiyuu(voice actor) for Gon and Naruto is the same person,Junko Takeuchi.

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    yeah one piece is original but like yall said mangas do bite off each other. sometimes they mock each other like tenjho tenge does with dragon ball z

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