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    the animation was really bad in this last episode. after reading and seeing the sakura/chiyo and sasori fight i honestly believe it was the best fight ever. they're totally ruining it for me. this is totally pushing the line. i don't think i'll watch the anime for a while. i'm sticking to manga from now on.

    oh yeah. what was the opening and ending about? i'm guessing its for the new naruto movie coming out or it can be that they're setting up for more fillers. oh god.

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    O my gawd @ last ep..

    Gai and Lee look fat :') And the fight of Lee, looks more like dancing.

    The opening and end are indeed about the shippuuden movie

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    Like almost everybody:
    "Shoot the damn animators already"

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    god i rewatched an ep andd it was purposely dragged out, it took kisame like ten secs jsut to clap his ahnds and say his jutsu, when in naruto it was like 1 sec, theres always like minutes of standing around and nothin

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    I'm glad they're back on track plotwise but theepisodes can be frustratingly slow paced. And the whole sasori needle attack was far too drawn out.
    My pants are on break right now.

    Why do I like Naruto?


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    Shippuuden is just on the border of what I bother watching. I recently rewatched the first 40 episodes of Naruto, and it was so much better. Now I don't look forward to the next naruto anymore, it's more like I'm scared for how they ruined the manga this time...

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    umm yeah the anime is at a all time low the frame rate is sooo poor its sad, they make so much money from naruto and they cant hire a good production team

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    Damn i keep rewinding more and more each episode. 22-23 about 30% was previous episode 24 was 50% past episode.WTF? just like in naruto vs sasuke fight 50% of episode is past episode 20% is staring and 30% is progress.Sad very sad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by papasmurfyh View Post
    umm yeah the anime is at a all time low the frame rate is sooo poor its sad, they make so much money from naruto and they cant hire a good production team
    my point exactly, these money hungry assholes don't give a shit about the viewers... all the moneys Naruto is generating and this is the best their studio can do?.....i see they need to be taught as lesson. lets make Claymore the #1 anime series people... atlease they care for now

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    I have an idea for this whole naruto anime crisis. We should all band together, agree on what should be changed in naruto, and mail or email like hundreds of letters to whoever makes the anime. Maybe we should send them to shonen jump so they can yell at them. Enough hate mail and I bet they will make an effort to improve the anime.

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