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Thread: New Rasengan

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    As far as rasengan being cheapened i agree with Thorofasgard13 but only to an extent. the overall reaction to the jutsu has become lessened (cheapened). and the fact that it was the technique of the 4th just made it that much more special but then naruto created his own variant of it which made it that much more special. but the fact that it's being used by everyone (i realize that not everyone uses it but more and more characters know it) in a copied sort of way is what's lessening the over all Awe of the technique. and the fact that Konohamaru has to use kagebunshin to create and original rasengan but attacks with it like Oodama Rasengan takes away from the Jutsu's appearance in strength.

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    I don't mind Konohamaru doing the rasengan, but if he adds his own nature to it like nNaruto did it would kin d of tick me of, that dude need some originality
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    I like the idea of adding other elements in the rasengan!
    but konohamaru is far from achieving it, maybe in two or three years

    Thanks Blue hime!

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    Many people tend to forget that Naruto will be konohamaru's sensei one day, so he would have taught him rasengan anyway. Kakashi taught Sasuke chidori and in 2 1/2 years sasuke improved his chidori, so what makes the rasengan different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ydoc View Post
    <,< stop thinking of ways to cheapen rasengan more then it already has been cheapened.

    next thing we know the pein is gonna get up and rasengan konohamaru
    LMAO, that's got to be the funniest thing I've seen today. When I read this I lol'ed and thought about everyone just having a rasengan fest one after another lol. Sig worthy.

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    i totally agree with Roshi and ydoc....
    And btw, not everyone can acomplish Rasengan, thats bullsh*t. Even with Kagebunshin. Because almost no one has the same amount of Chakra as Naruto or same Regeneration speed. And maybe you do remember how he was training on getting the actual Rasengan. As long as no one else besides Konohamaru learns it and Naruto gets his official "teacher"/sensei i dont mind... even if i dont like Konohamaru.
    Ahhh man, why didnt he just died?

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    because if kishi really does intend for konohamaru to be naruto's apprentice (like he was j-man's), its only fitting that the rasengan chain continue in that way..

    though the chain would make a lot more sense if kakashi had taught it to naruto instead of jiraiya..

    and we do have a second known occurance of naruto performing rasengan one handed and its the base futon one for good measure (refer to and the end of the first half of last weeks double episode).. to top it all off, it formed so fast.. granted, it was likely just for the purposes of the anime flow.. but still..

    and as far as k-little having to have the clone active to deliver it.. remember his age.. he's younger than Naruto was when he first used it..
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    Quote Originally Posted by CiTo_Uchiha View Post
    LMAO, that's got to be the funniest thing I've seen today. When I read this I lol'ed and thought about everyone just having a rasengan fest one after another lol. Sig worthy.
    lol i am glad someone thought it was funny. but also true at the same time

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    Quote Originally Posted by MindWanderer View Post
    So, after seeing that Konohamaru is now a fellow Ransenganner, you have to wonder, will he be able to turn it into his own. Just like Naruto did. I have been thinking about what Konohamaru's affinity can be, and if I had to say two, I would say fire, and earth. Yes, just like the 3rd. I am leaning more towards him creating his own fire rasengan though, mainly because Naruto is wind natured. Naturally since he wants to beat Naruto, once he knows about how elemental attacks work on each other ( assuming he doesn't already) he will work harder on making that.

    Konohamaru would have to find someone who is also fire natured to teach him a couple of things. All in all though, I feel that one day we will see this Rasengan from Konohamaru and it will play a major role in the future. (If the story goes on longer lol)

    Discuss, what do you think about Konohamaru one day furthering the Rasengan, will he be able to add his own element, and what element do you think?
    Konohamaru using the Rasengan wasn't a surprise to me at all. I was hope that he would surprise us with such a move and he did............remember from a long time ago Naruto & Konohamaru was acting like student , teacher and many times it seems like konohamru worship Naruto when many just saw him as a idiot.

    I think Konohamaru will tryin to further the Rasengan but he will try to do his own original jutsu so the one day he and Naruto can fight for the title of Hokage.

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    i dont ike the idea of adding nature chakra to then rasengan. i figure adding nature would just lower the focus on its form thus making it not what the rasengan is.

    i figure adding lightnig would just turn it in to the chidori.... or very much like one.

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