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    Gif creation service

    Got bored and now since I'm finished uni for this semester I thought I'd offer my services in creating animated gif for anyone that wants them.
    I'm doing this since I never really contribute anything anyway so I thought I'd do something marginally useful... hehe
    Examples of my work

    You may be thinking "but I can just use a conversion tool", yes you can but you'll end up with a file 2~3 times greater than is necessary.
    This is because they convert all 24~30 frames of a 1 second avi to frames in a gif where as if you go through the same part frame by frame you'll realize that maybe only 12~18 frames are actually unique in 1 second.

    Things I'll require:
    What anime/episode it is:
    What part of the anime want it from~to: (eg. 18:59~19:02 + a small explanation)
    What dimensions you want it:
    What file size: (eg avatar)

    Example of my sig:
    What anime/episode it is: Zero no Tsukaima - Futatsuki no Kishi (intro using Eps 7 as a guide)

    What part of the anime want it from~to: 2:53~2:57
    From when she lifts her foot to when it fully zooms out.

    What dimensions you want it: 350*150

    What file size: Any
    Finished product:

    As you can see with 4 seconds worth of anime at that size my final image was 914.79 KB

    Another example using the Naruto thread as the request:
    What anime/episode it is: Naruto Shippuden 86~87

    What part of the anime want it from~to: 39:01 - 39:03
    And, if it is possible (depending on how it is) can you make it look like it continues forever? The strings on his headband keeps on going forever.

    What dimensions you want it: 150*150 or 100*100

    What file size: Avatar size
    Finished product:

    For this one I managed to create a 150*150 gif of 10 frames that had a file size of 121.04Kb (just within the limit)

    Bare this in mind when asking for an avatar.

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    Nice of you to offer. I'll keep this in mind should I feel gif'y.
    ^Birthday Sig & Ava from Mikessc88 <3 v Birthday Sig from Imotochan <3
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