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    READ BEFORE POSTING - Additional Naruto Forum Rules [UPDATED 17/09/2009]

    Because of recent events here are some extra rules:

    - All Danzou Sharingan related posts are restricted to the The Tobi/Madara/Obito/Danzou Theories Convo thread in Naruto Theories. Any and all speculation on Madara, Tobi and Danzou should be posted in this thread or that weeks chapter discussion thread if its based on an event from that week's chapter.

    - If you see a thread that needs moderation, don't demand the thread to be graveyarded. Read this to see what you should do.

    - If you feel the need to contact a moderator on an issue that is specific to the Naruto forum contact Phixion or me. Try not to contact the admins. They get 100+ pm's a day so tend to struggle to tend to every little detail.

    - VS thread ban is lifted. However Phixion and I reserve the right to trash any badly constructed threads. If more than two person feel the need to query your opening post, that's a sign it may be badly constructed. And no bitching and moaning if you're not happy with the way people have voted if the thread has a poll. It's called free choice. Live with it.

    - No double posting. For those of you who don't know what this is, it is when you post immediately after a previous post of yours. For those of you who want to quote multiple posts use the multi quote button (QUOTE+) on each of the posts you want to respond to. There are only two occasions when this is acceptable. When adding to the spoiler thread (not the spoiler discussion thread) and bumping old threads (Anything that's not on the front page of the forum)

    - No one word posts. Posting lol is just wasting valuable space on the forum.

    - When posting in the anime sub forum, if you are going to talk about future events use spoiler tags. There are still some who don't read the manga who don't want to be spoiled.

    -Seriously don't pollute the rest of the forum with Madara/Tobi/Danzou talk. Limit it to where we've asked you to.

    -DO NOT DISCUSS SPOILERS OUTSIDE OF THE SPOILER THREAD! Don't even base theories around them. There are those who choose to wait until the chapter gets released. Don't spoil it for them. Offenders will be infracted with no right to appeal.

    -No new NaruHina or NaruSaku threads. All discussions on the aforementioned love triangle are restricted to this thread

    -Don't make me ask to again about Tobi/Madara/Danzou.
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