Welcome to our redesigned scanlation sharing forum, there are new rules and guidelines to follow so please read this thread in full.

All new scanlations posted in this forum are fed directly onto our homepage for maximum exposure & easy access to your work. In order to keep the content on our website, especially the homepage at an acceptable level of quality, only members in the Scanlator usergroup will be able to create new threads here. If you're a scanlator and want to post your stuff, send myself or another admin a private message on the forum with links to 1 or 2 of your releases and we'll get you hooked up with access right away.

Guidelines for Posting Scanlations

1. Thread Consistency

Maintain consistency with other threads for the best possible navigating experience for the user. Your thread title should be:

Series Chapter by Group

for example...
Naruto 364 by MangaShare

I have a feeling this is going to be an issue, so I made it nice and red - now nobody can say they didn't know. You should not be formatting your releases with anything other than [url] tags and perhaps the occasional bold / italics / list / underline. I have zero tolerance for people trying to force attention to their releases on the homepage by making text look like this.

3. No Stealing Cleans or Translations
Using another scanlator's clean without their permission or against their wishes (this includes Chinese Scanlations) will not bode well for you on this website. You can safely assume that a translator's script is ok to use for your scanlation as long as they don't say otherwise.

4. Maximum of 5 download links permitted
Self-explanatory. Anything over 5 links is total overkill. Download links can either point a) directly to a download, b) to a free download host, or c) to a page where the download link is clearly available. Don't use a link that will expire after a couple weeks or will be pushed out of view (ie: if you're linking to a blog, link to the entry and not the blog homepage).


Any abuse of the ability to promote your projects on our homepage by breaking the above rules will result in the immediate loss of your usergroup, and possibly a ban from the forum depending on the severity of the violation.