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Naruto 393 by NBST (English)

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Release Notes: Just something I feel necessary to repeat from time to time...

### WARNING ###

Please Do Not Redistribute, Rehost or Reuse the NBST releases without Permission.

No redistribution and no rehosting means:

For every chapter we scanlate, a UNIQUE copy is uploaded to the website www.nbnakama.com.
From there it is available from download or online viewing. We wish that it remains that way.
There should be only ONE copy of the chapter available on the internet.
Any other copy available is simply one made available without permission.
This means do not reupload to your own website or anybody else's website.
Do not upload to online viewing manga sites or manga sharing sites.
No rapidshare, sendspace or any file hosting. No torrents or any peer to peer system.
No Irc. No Usenet. Only nbnakama.com.

The simple reason is that we make scanlations with our skills and hard work
and will be damned if it's going to be used to bring visitors to any website
other that our own. Generate your own content dammit!

Basically, read it if you want but don't do anything dodgy with it.
You can post a link to the NBST website on your website.
You can write reviews using our scans if you really aren't afraid of the consequences.
but do not upload the whole chapter for review. limit yourself to the frames that interest you.
Links and reviews, at least will help us out.

And no, our website is perfectly visible and don't need any mirrors.
No matter how friendly they claim to be.

No Reuse means:

If you are a scanlator, you can't use our scan in your own scan, not even a little bit!
No means No. If you don't bloody have the skills to do it do it yourself then don't bloody use ours!
We accept translation propositions if the projects are interesting enough though.

At current date, the news of NBST releases are announced on the following sites:

1. mangahelpers.com (forums)
2. bakaupdates.com
3. mangashare.com
4. frankyhouse.com (forums)
5. apforums.net (where ever possible)

sites may be added/removed from list as applicable.

Note that while I thank those sites for allowing us to strut our stuff around,
they are not given the permission to redistribute, rehost or reuse our work either.
Though we believe it is not a problem for them to respect our wishes.

If you find find a copy of a NBST release on your website
and your website doesn't happen to be nbnakama.com, please delete it immediately.

The following websites are explicitly banned form having anything to do with the NBST

1. narutofan.com
2. narutohl.com

sites will be added to list when we find those pompous little pricks.

we simply hate their guts. They have shown to have no respect for scanlator wishes
or even trying to request permission for anything. Avoid them like pest.


note that the above warning is not a consequence of recent exchanges between translators and myself, however, the following disclaimer is:


The text used in the NBST scanlations is adapted from freely available translations.
The views and opinions in the scanlation therefore may not reflect the views and opinions of the respective translators credited as contributors to the chapter or indeed the original author.
Although we do strive to be as insightful as possible.
So quote us in a discussion board at your own risk.


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