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Rokudaime Sennin â„¢
Rokudaime Sennin â„¢ on June 8th, 2011 at 7:53:22 PM UTC Bleach Chapter 451 : "Welcome to Our EXECUTION 4"
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Thank You MangaStream and Binktopia

Arigatou Tite Kubo Sama! Enjoy!!
dragon132004 on June 8th, 2011 at 7:57:20 PM UTC WoW.. Thanks a lot guys.
DarkWalker on June 8th, 2011 at 7:58:56 PM UTC Mediafire Link [Mirror]
koolio on June 8th, 2011 at 8:00:23 PM UTC Bleach chapter 451 HQ Fileserve

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Updated Lnks with missing page
chomio on June 8th, 2011 at 8:08:44 PM UTC lol,  when I'd read the title, I thought we were going to do an execution...

Anyway, Mangashare needs some upgrades, it start flip with symbols like; &@#???~?$
chomio on June 8th, 2011 at 8:12:43 PM UTC Oh yeah, for people that didn't read it in the previous chapter of one piece, OP is on a break now, or as MS says: "nd remember folks, Oda is turning water to wine this week so sadly #OnePiece is on a break. It'll be back next week." 
mistermobile on June 8th, 2011 at 8:27:39 PM UTC Thanks Binktopia and MangaStream!! ^_^

Mirror Link: Bleach Manga Chapter 451 - 5MB PNG - MediaFire

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Mirror Link: Bleach Manga Chapter 451 - 5MB PNG - HotFile

Folder Link: Bleach Manga Chapters

Folder Link: All Manga Chapters
chomio on June 8th, 2011 at 9:05:45 PM UTC Rokudaime Sennin, Why is your link the online read, huh? 
chomio on June 8th, 2011 at 9:07:28 PM UTC Online-read: http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/12830955/1 
Rokudaime Sennin â„¢
Rokudaime Sennin â„¢ on June 8th, 2011 at 9:25:25 PM UTC lol, i didn't realize you had the tenth link tab saved up, so i was temporarily using the reader link as a way to up to mangashare reader, but you went and added the HF link after that, and i ended up deleting the first one, i'll fix it, gimme a sec
mistermobile on June 8th, 2011 at 9:30:37 PM UTC @Rokudaime Sennin â„¢

I have deleted your HotFile link, just give the release to chomio, even he agreed to add your links. Be fair enough to others, just post your links on the comment section. Don't take advantage of being in the Uploaders Group. Thanks.
Rokudaime Sennin â„¢
Rokudaime Sennin â„¢ on June 8th, 2011 at 9:36:25 PM UTC ok, let me fix it before i respond to ur idiocy

ok M and M's.  First off, you really need to lay your paws off of other's submissions.  1.  As for Naruto and reborn, I didn't even add any Hotfile link to the tracker at all, Chomio went and added them himself, you can ask him urself.  2.  What I usually do is edit the mangastream reader link temporarily if no space left, in order to upload my hotfile link to the mangashare reader, then either delete/edit it back afterwards without touching any of his other links.  3.  Like I said, I have a responsibility to upload to the reader with proper files, you on the other hand are here to spam your website.  I have no problem with you doing that as long as you don't f**k around with others submissions. 

And Chomio can speak for himself, I don't have anything further to say. 
chomio on June 8th, 2011 at 10:38:37 PM UTC Ok, first of all I added those hotfile links of  Rokudaime Sennin is not at fault, second mistermobile why did you delete links that I've added?
Thirdly, Rokudaime Sennin is a good friend of mine, so why not adding one of his links. You will directly notice, if someone is abusing his power.
Fourtly,  Rokudaime Sennin, Mister Mobile is right that you went a bit over the border, but I'm not someone to say something about that.
Fifthly, never put a finger on the mangastream link you could get some of the administrators really agry with it( before the mangastream and the binktopia joint, binktopia had a joint(some sort of) with mangashare, binktopia even used mangashare as their homepage for a  short time when their site was down).
As for the mangashare reader link, you can just put the reservation link like in the past. It might be easier if I could directly add it to the reader, I could even use some of my hotlink bandwidth for it. This would be much nicer, because it is really annoying to wait 8 to 10 hours before I can add the rest of the links. All staff loves to sleep at the same time, but yeah, when I wake up, the staff is going to sleep( It's around 8 -9 hours later over here than in east USA). And I noticed that some of the staff ignores my post, and only post stuff like "Eyeshield 21 Artbook 1", that even was never done by the specific group. I also posted something of mangazone an half hour earlier than someone of the staff (I'm not sure about this), it was posted under (group) anonymous and someone posted it under 'unknown', this is rather a wrong discription if the scanlator is known.
Oh, yeah, I chose Rokudaime Sennin side, he's right about that last point, as a matter of fact, spamming your site could give a permanent ban, you know( I've seen it it enough in the past, check the database. I don't know why the administrators are so friendly lately, or they just don't know it.
Oh yah, mister mobile, if you want to advertise your site, you need permission of the site owner.
(Note: everthing mentioned are the sites rules, see the terms of agreement for reference).

Note: English is not my native language, I've got the habit to kick verbs out of my sentences, I hope they are still understandable and that it isn't misunderstand.
diehardfan on June 8th, 2011 at 10:50:56 PM UTC Thanks Mangastream n Binktopia
Rokudaime Sennin â„¢
Rokudaime Sennin â„¢ on June 8th, 2011 at 11:21:58 PM UTC @Chomio:  Thanks.  Yea, I see your point, it's best to use the "reserved" option.   Will keep that in mind next time.  Also if i forget, and your adding rest of ur links to the tracker, you can also add one link as ......................................... or saying reserved.  That'll work too.  thanks
Revan185 on June 9th, 2011 at 1:13:28 PM UTC Mangastream forgot to add the first page of the chapter they fixed it now.