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Ares 126 by kmts (English)

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Release Notes: well in an effort to raise money to be able to buy tanks instead of relying on donations we have come up with this idea (which i stole from Gari over @ solaris-svu~) to release only on easy-share for the first few days (be it 2~3 days) before we upload to our bots in the channel. In an effort to get maximum downloads we ask that there be no external download links [be it rs/mu/mf/etc...] period. In light of the new experiment i have cut ares chapters down from 27 odd pages [give or take 1~2] down to 15 pages to get more chapters out of a volume. This benefits you in two distinct ways. First way is that i will try to release on a daily or every other day basis [since easy-share has some fucked up download timers (like 30 secs for first download then 5 mins for the next)], second way is that the chapters are now a whole 12 pages shorter i will have more motivation to get a chapter done [less work is always great]. So basically it means to get maximum amount of downloads without pissing the leechers off with some fucked up download timers i will be releasing shorter chapters more often.

Direct Download #1 is the easy-share link I was talking about

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Mao on August 28th, 2008 at 3:37:13 AM UTC Thank you!